Natural Timber


Transform your garage or carport with a stylish western red cedar slatted door.The panels are constructed from 68 x 18mm DAR western red cedar slats which are screwed horizontally with a 40mm gap to a 50 x 50 x 1.6 box section powder coated aluminium frame, to ensure your door looks as stylish from the inside as the outside.

The frame and hardware will be powder coated satin black unless you advise otherwise. Powder coating the frame and hardware looks neater as you can see through the door in to the garage, helps the door run quieter and will help prevent rust if you are close to salt air.

This beautiful hand crafted door is ideal for coastal areas and will suit most council requirements as it allows plenty of ventilation.


Available in door sizes: 1485mm - 3050mm high & 1550mm - 6000mm wide.

N.B. Natural timber has a random, variable grain, colour pattern and knots which will be slightly different from door to door and cannot be avoided. The company will not accept claims for variations of colour pattern and/or grain.
We do NOT stain slats – cedar is raw and must be stained immediately after installation to ensure the door’s protection against weather.  The company will not be held liable for imperfections in mill finish aluminium on any of its cedar doors. DAR slats are dressed all four sides. Powder coating is an industrial grade finish, not two pack, therefore is not free of imperfections

Slatted Cedarmasta sectional door

slatted cedarmasta close up