Think of your garage door / gate and opener just like your motor vehicle.  Annual servicing will help maintain the life span of your operator and avoid costly repairs.
How do I know when my door needs a service?
If your door is noisy or heavy and unable to remain in the open position without assistance.
If your door has an automatic operator, this can be tested by placing the door in the manual position.
I need a new remote transmitter, where can I get one?
Please contact us either through our contact us link or phone us on 07 55023 094.  You can purchase new remotes through All Coast Garage Doors.
I need to arrange a service for my door or gate, who do I contact?
Ring our office and we can arrange a day and time that suits.
I would like to arrange a quote for a new opener or door.
You can use our contact us link on the left  and we will email you back with a price for openers or alternatively you can phone us. Quotes for new doors can also be arranged.  We offer a free measure and quote service.
Remotes not working but internal wall button still works?
This could be due to what we call signal jamming.  As many products on the market run on the same frequencies, such as baby monitors, door bells and wireless gadgets etc.  There are a couple of ways to fix this:-
  • Installing an external receiver board
  • Replacing the motor and remotes with another product e.g. TriCode and Boss.
My door or gate does not open all the way, why?
There may be an obstruction blocking the path of the door or gate or the limits may need resetting.  Please call our office for a service call
Why does the opener beep when the door is opening?
The overload indicator has been triggered and needs to be reset. It is possible that the door and/or opener need to be serviced. Please call  our office and we may be able to help over the phone.
Why does the door or gate reverse before it completes the close cycle?
The opener is sensing an obstruction – this could be an object in the doorway or perhaps the door is binding at that point of its travel.  If there is no  obstruction  seen then please call our office.
Sometimes my door opens by itself? (27MHz and 433mhZ)
This could be frequency interference , a faulty transmitter where the button could be slightly stuck on or perhaps someone in your area has their transmitter accidentally coded into your door.  Unfortunately it is hard to determine where these issues come from.
When I press the remote  the chain moves but the door does not open?
This is a common problem that people ask about. Check if the opener has been disengaged. Re-engage the opener and make sure that the chain index clicks into the shuttle securely (you will need to run the motor for a while for this too happen depending on where the components are situated on the rail).
What Happens if the power goes off?
Disengage the opener by pulling on the cord or lever.  You will have to lift the door up yourself as it will now not open on its own. Sectional doors will not stay closed until you either re-engage the motor when the power comes back on or something can hold it down.  Roller doors can be re-engaged and locked down if you have access back into your garage.
My door is heavy and sluggish?
The door may need to be serviced and retensioned. We recommend that you do not attempt to do this yourself as springs on doors are under tremendous tension and unless you are qualified to do this, it can be very dangerous.
Whats covered under warranties?
Refer to your product manual as warranties vary.  Generally things like batteries, light globes, resetting of limits and any adjustments are not covered.